A few days following Christmas and just in time for the New Year, Wickshire Senior Living has begun administering the COVID-19 vaccine to all its residents and staff across 16 communities in the United States.

Residents and staff, including home office teams, have received priority on the vaccine. Wickshire was registered and confirmed through the CVS Pharmacy Partnership to receive the vaccine and began administering on Monday, December 28th to residents and associates. Wickshire highly encouraged residents and associates to receive the vaccination and once they began administering, nearly every resident was vaccinated.

Wickshire will be providing the COVID-19 vaccination to all residents and associates who choose to sign up and CVS will conduct, at a minimum, three separate clinics to ensure all residents and staff who choose to be vaccinated will be across every community site. While allocation and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination will vary by state and jurisdiction, the vaccination through CVS will be all encompassing across all 16 Wickshire Senior Living communities throughout the United States. Every resident residing within a community will have the option to receive the vaccination onsite, as well as direct care and ancillary staff.

“Wickshire is excited to be able to provide priority access to receiving the vaccination if the resident or staff member so chooses to receive it. Wickshire is not requiring all occupants of the communities to receive the vaccination, but we are highly encouraging it,” said Maggie Dewey, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Wickshire. “We believe this further proves our deep commitment to protecting the health and safety of not only our residents and staff, but all of their families as well.”

Wickshire firmly believes that ensuring residents and staff in all their senior living settings are among the first to receive a COVID-19 vaccine will help limit the spread of COVID-19, prevent further loss of loved ones, will allow residents to once again go out and enjoy social activities, to see their loved ones and return to the quality of life they deserve. This vaccine administered through CVS clinics onsite across all 16 communities, beginning with Wickshire Blankenbaker on Monday, December 28th, was the first critical step toward Wickshire’s goals. 

Please see the video shot at the clinic of Maggie Dewey (Vice President of Wellness) receiving the vaccine as well as providing her thoughts on what this means for Wickshire as a whole and how she is ensuring that Wickshire remains #HealthierTogether in the Vimeo link below.

MAGGIE DEWEY (VICE PRESIDENT OF WELLNESS): https://vimeo.com/495542910/b9a7bae316

For more information on Wickshire Senior Living, please contact info@wickshiresl.com.