It can be overwhelming to begin your search for the right assisted living community. It is one of the largest personal and financial investments you are likely to make in your lifetime and is likely to be a brand new venture to most prospective residents.

However, the search for a senior living community is very similar to challenging housing decisions you have made in your lifetime. Think back to when you chose what college to attend, or when you rented your first apartment, or when you invested in your first home. Each of these decisions involved a number of emotional and financial decisions which can be as daunting as they are exciting.

Knowing what to look for in a senior living community is a combination of whether a given option meets all of your practical needs and preferences, as well as your “gut” feeling. If you are in search of the right assisted living community for yourself or your loved ones, look no further than Wickshire Senior Living. 

“Must-haves” for Senior Living Options

Start by making a check-list of your “must-haves” in the prospective community, answering the following key questions:

What level of service is required?

The level of service available with senior living options can range from fully independent living to 24-hour access to skilled medical care, rehabilitation, and therapy services. For some future residents, housekeeping and dining services might be one of the highlights of the transition, although individual needs and preferences will vary. You may wish to have a conversation with your physician regarding support services that would make your life most enjoyable and comfortable in the years to come.

Where should the community be located?

How far away do you wish to be from certain friends or relatives? You can perform an internet search that limits your options to those within a certain radius. Also, many communities offer transportation to local town centers or transportation hubs for more convenient travel.

How much will it cost?

For many families, this is the most significant factor in what to look for in a senior living community. With a little research, you are likely to find various affordable options, although it helps to have a prioritized list of features and amenities.

What sort of amenities are required?

For many residents, access to specific activities, both within and adjacent to the community, is as critical as any other factor. Do you wish the community to offer its own library, entertainment offerings, events such as educational programming, and holiday festivities? How about transportation to local events such as movies and concerts?

You will also want to consider how well the campus will accommodate your hobbies and interests. Don’t forget to include the campus’s policy on companion animals. Many communities are open to a variety of your closest “friends,” but exact policies will vary.

Your “gut” Feeling in Choosing Senior Living Options

Your “gut” should be the final say in what to look for in a senior living community. A personal visit is often required to get a full sense of what a community has to offer and if you can visualize yourself a happy resident there.

For example, does the campus feel slick and urban or quiet and pastoral? Is the community very tight-knit and social, or does it seem like a perfect spot for quiet reflection? Does the staff seem compassionate and caring yet offer residents the right degree of independence to suit their needs? Depending on the type of community, this may involve everything from the types of food offered to the views.

Looking for senior living options can feel overwhelming at first, but once you commit to the search, you may discover a whole new level of contentment with your surroundings!