As a person gets older, their children begin to build their own lives. Mobility changes, making it hard to get around to all of the locations they used to visit. Staying connected with family and friends seems to be much harder to do. That doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways to remain connected with those you want to, especially if you are creative in how to do so. 

Staying Connected Is Critical

Older adults need to remain connected with their family and friends even when living in an assisted living community. Creating opportunities for this to happen may be essential to their mental health. In some situations, it may help to push off the onset or worsening of conditions like dementia as well. It also makes life more enjoyable. Communicating about politics, religion, and changes in the world can help a person feel connected to others.

Creating Solutions Including Digital Tools for Seniors

How do older people get this type of connection and support? There is a wide range of ways to do so. Here are some examples.

  • Smartphone connections: Simple to use, smartphones are one of the best ways for older adults to remain connected with the world around them. Some have larger screens and are easier to use than others, enabling you to read the news and play a few games, too.
  • Video conferencing: Another way to connect with others is through video conference. They can use that smartphone or a simple tablet computer to do so. Seeing a person that they are talking to is essential for overall wellbeing.
  • Conference calls: Sometimes, it is the communication with a group of people that you miss. However, a group of friends can use technology like Zoom to bring the whole group together for a conversation.
  • VR headsets: For more engagement and some physical activity, consider a basic VR headset. This tool can help people feel as though they are in various situations, explore worlds, and even play a few games that could be good for exercise (when it is safe to do so).
  • Monitors: Another type of digital tool used for older adults are monitors that can detect a fall or allow a person to call for help immediately when they need it. This can provide peace of mind and enables people to remain connected to those who support them.

Find the Support You Need at Wickshire Senior Living

For some people, living alone is no longer safe to do. When this happens, it’s essential to consider the value of moving into an assisted living community. In-person activities and conversations can still occur. Yet, these digital tools can take things further, enabling older adults to engage in life the way they desire to do so.

Moving into an assisted living community is a big decision. It could be the best way for you to maintain your best quality of life. Staying connected with family and friends is possible in your new home, especially when you have professionals dedicated to helping you with the process.