More than 18 million of America’s seniors are veterans of military service. Like seniors who did not serve in the military, these veterans sometimes need help with their daily activities. The place to get this help is an assisted living community. Some veterans can use what’s known as an Aid and Attendance pension to help cover their assisted living costs.

At Wickshire Senior Living, we welcome veterans wishing to join our assisted living community. Like all other residents, veterans can take full advantage of our many supportive programs. As always, our goal is to help you stay active as well as enjoy your daily life.

What Is an Aid and Attendance Pension?

An aid and attendance, or A&A, pension is a federal benefit provided through the Veterans Administration. It provides monthly financial assistance for two groups. The first group is senior veterans. The second is veteran’s senior surviving spouses. People in both groups must need some kind of help with their daily activities of living. Examples of these kinds of activities include grooming, bathing, and general mobility.

Support for such daily living needs is provided in assisted living communities. Communities of this type are designed for seniors who need daily assistance but still remain active and independent. They feature a safe, secure residential environment. They also provide a range of services that include things such as:

  • Recreational programs
  • Social programs
  • Dining services
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Transportation services are also typically provided

Who Qualifies for A&A Senior Care for Veterans?

There are both non-financial and financial qualifications for an A&A benefit. First, you must be a veteran or veteran’s surviving spouse. You must also be 65 or older or have a disability if you’re younger than 65. If you’re a veteran, you must have wartime service. This means that:

  • You served 90 days or more
  • At least one of those days occurred during a designated period of war

Other non-financial qualifications also apply. For example, veterans must have received an honorable discharge. In addition, at the time of death, surviving spouses must be living with their veteran partners. They must also be single when they apply for an A&A benefit.

The financial rules for A&A are complex. They’re based on something called countable income. This is the income of a senior veteran’s household minus certain allowable expenses. There is also a limit on your household’s net worth.

How Much Does A&A Provide for Care for Senior Veterans?

The VA sets the amount of A&A benefits for eligible senior veterans and spouses. This amount varies from year to year. As an example, in 2021, A&A provided roughly $2,300 in monthly benefits.

The Veterans Administration does not provide direct payment to assisted living communities. Instead, it sends the money to your or your surviving spouse. You must use this money for assistance in daily living. However, the VA does not stipulate that you receive specific forms of assistance care for senior veterans. This means that you have considerable leeway in how you use your Aid and Assistance pension.

Learn More About Senior Care for Veterans at Wickshire Senior Living

Wickshire Senior Living is dedicated to supporting all seniors who need daily activity assistance. That includes both veterans and veterans’ surviving spouses. We take a full-spectrum approach to assisted living. To that end, we offer a broad range of services for seniors from all walks of life.