Ray Wylam, born in 1933, is working with his current senior living community, Wickshire Fairborn, to fulfill one of his strongest wishes. Wylam was born in Youngstown, Ohio. He has a brother and sister-in-law still living there. Fairborn has been home to Ray during his adult life. He served in the US Army and is a graduate of Ohio State University. Ray worked as an Aerospace engineer. He dedicated most of his adult life to volunteer work, helping to build and maintain woodland trails at a state park, ushering at the Victoria Theatre, conducting a winter walk in John Bryan, and maintaining bluebird nesting boxes at Caesars Creek Lake and much more.

He was the adult leader of the Explorers Post 72, an organization for young men and women who enjoyed camping, hiking, and exploring the wonders of our National Parks. Ray’s job was to oversee all aspects of their activities and ensure that members from all walks of life could experience the great outdoors.

Wickshire Wishes

Through a program called Wickshire Wishes, he will get to do what he loves once again. On July 15, Wylam, who is now 88, will have the opportunity to go camping. Krista Harding, the Wise and Well Director at Wickshire, worked with the 4H Campground called Camp Clifton to make Wylam’s wish come true.

“We love providing our residents
these types of activities so they can still live their best life, no matter their age,” says Harding. “I previously worked with another resident to fulfill her wish list. She was depressed and had moved around to several different senior living communities. To figure out what might help with her depression, I asked her what she loved to do, and she mentioned that she missed working with disabled children. I asked a local nonprofit for disabled adults to allow our residents to provide programming at their place one afternoon. They loved it so much that they ended up coming monthly for her class here at Wickshire.”