Joint pain is debilitating. When the fluid-filled sacs located in the joint wear down and the bones rub together, this can create intense pain and discomfort. Finding chronic pain relief is often the goal, but it may not be as easy as people expect. There are numerous holistic therapies that may help you. 

Chronic Pain Relief Solutions for Joint Pain

It’s natural not to want to move when it hurts to do so. Yet, one thing that’s most often true about joint pain is that moving can reduce pain when done properly. There are a number of other types of pain relief options that may help as well.

  • Hot and cold compresses: Rotating hot and cold compresses on the area can help provide some pain relief. This treatment works best after you’ve gone for a walk or engaged in other forms of exercise. It may help over the long term on days when the pain is more.
  • Physical therapy: Learning to move the joint properly reduces inflammation. This inflammation typically causes the most pain, but it eases with natural, proper movement you’ll learn in physical therapy.
  • Massage therapy: Some people also find massage to be beneficial. The proper manipulation of the tissues, muscles, and joints can stimulate healing in the area by driving oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the area.
  • Non-impact exercise: Swimming and biking are two examples of non-impact exercises that can naturally reduce joint pain. Without the actual impact of a test, this treatment can help to increase muscle strength, reducing chronic pain.
  • Acupuncture: Some people see a significant amount of benefit from acupuncture. It works to diverse oxygen-rich blood to the area and aids in overall inflammation relief.

Chronic pain relief is a critical factor when it comes to improving overall health and quality of life. If you are struggling with significant pain, don’t withdraw from activities and experiences. Instead, reach out to your doctor and physical therapist for specific strategies that can help you.

Chronic Pain Relief Through Therapy

As noted, physical therapy can be one of the best tools for you. If you have to have joint replacement procedures or injections into your joints, use this time to start therapy. Both occupational and physical therapy can increase the function of these joints, often reducing the amount of wear and tear on them. This treatment can help to provide significant help in movement throughout the day. It is one of the senior living services we offer as a part of your care.