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Of Course, it is that time of the year for Fun Fall Activities for Seniors! Additionally, cool crisp fall mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly nights. Fall breeze, autumn leaves, and this great time of year for fun fall activities. Uniquely, we have beautiful days during the fall season, the trees begin to change colors, and fall is full of holiday fun with the family. Not to mention, fall holidays can bring back great memories from childhood. Equally important, spending time with family and friends reminiscing of days long past. Also, fun fall activities can be held outside in the fresh fall air.

Plan To Have Fun

Making a calendar filled with fun fall activities for seniors can be exciting. You have endless resources to tap into for ideas such as Pinterest, Amazon, and Esty. This is also a good time market for volunteers to work in senior living and for donations for the projects on the activity calendar.

Voluntary Participation

Firstly, it is best to ensure fun fall activities are listed for residents of all levels of care. Participation in activities helps promote social connections and builds friendships. In senior living, there will be a combination of different types of small and large group activities. Ultimately, meeting the needs of all residents is the primary goal. With a small or large group, you can incorporate other departments. For example, the physical therapist can take a walk with the resident in the beautiful fresh fall air for cardiovascular health. In like manner, If hot cider and cookies are on the request list, the dietary department can assist with the food and diet restrictions. 

October is a wonderful time to promote fun fall activities with the season changing to fall and Halloween. To kick off the fun fall season, a great start is to decorate the senior living building. Enlist the help of the residents for inclusion and also to ensure a great time. Use a beautiful fall color scheme and make this an activity. Fall floral arrangements can be placed throughout the building and on the dining room tables—Deco Mesh door wreaths for the office doors or bows with fall colors.

This Fun Fall Activities for Seniors for low functioning residents.

  1. Read fall poetry
  2. Music
  3. Serve apple pie, pumpkin cookies with coffee, apple cider, or hot tea.
  4. Paint the ladies’ nails in fall colors.
  5. Set up a small swimming pool with plastic fish for the men and give them a rod.
  6. Play movies related to Fall or Halloween.

Fun Fall activities for groups who are moderate to high functioning residents.

  1. Outdoor parachute pull.
  2. Music and dance.
  3. For dinner, take the residents out to the fire pit, let them roast hot dogs and marshmallows.
  4. With the help of the residents, have a craft show, have the residents help with invitations. Invite local vendors, hire a musician. Dieters can assist with a cookout.
  5. Take the residents out shopping for new fall clothes.
  6. Have a hayride.
  7. Outside Movie with popcorn.
  8. Take a trip to the farmers market and have the residents pick out fall fruits and vegetables. Have the residents prepare a meal.

Fun Fall Activities that can be independent or with assistance

  1. Pumpkin painting for residents who need assistance.
  2. Pumpkin carving.
  3. Fall or Halloween puzzles.
  4. A harvest ball asked the residents and family to dress in fall attire, hire musical entertainment.
  5. Great afternoon activity is serving wine and cheese in the garden.


Fun Fall Activities for Halloween

Equally, Halloween is an exciting time of year not just for the children, but for the majority of adults as well. By the same token, do you remember as a child how thrilled you were about choosing the perfect Halloween costume? Coupled with overwhelming anticipation of dressing up and going door to door receiving candy. When it comes to Halloween, we all have a little child left in us. Making costumes is a great way to get the ladies involved. Making costumes for themselves or the local shelters can serve multiple purposes. Furthermore, ask the residents to assist with decorating the building. You can make a contest for who has the best door design.

After dinner, the residents can go out to the fire pit where they can be served hot chocolate and smores. This would make a great opportunity to share ghost stories. Although, residents tend to have a bed time, some residents should have the option to stay up if applicable.

Field Trip

For those very active residents, take a trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. They will enjoy the time away from the facility. Another option for an outing is going to an apple farm, having the residents pick apples to make pies.

Have the residents make candy bags for the kids from school or the neighborhood. They will love to see the kids all dressed up and pass out candy bags.

For the purpose of the residents who need to work on hand-strengthening, set them up with the supplies to make play-doh in Halloween colors. In fact, this is a great exercise for the hands and mind. You can follow this recipe.

How do you make play-doh with 4 ingredients?


  1. 1 cup of flour.
  2. 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar.
  3. ¼ cup of salt.
  4. ½ cup of warm water.
  5. 5 drops of food coloring.

The pumpkin toss is a fun game; purchase small black plastic cauldrons and miniature pumpkin candy. Set the caldrons up, give the residents five pumpkins each and let the toss into the caldrons. Make sure you have a prize ready for the winner.

Mummy bowling can be fun, and most facilities already have plastic bowling set on hand. Just wrap the pins in gauze, add eyes, and the residents are ready for a strike. An afternoon social with spooky drinks and food is a pleasant surprise. Try the spooky punch recipe.


2 (15-oz.) cans lychees

6 oz. blackberries

4 c. tart cherry juice

1 c. fresh orange juice

3 (12-oz.) cans chilled sparkling water

1 1/2 c. vodka or light rum (optional)


Drain cans of lychees, reserving 1 ½ cups of syrup. Carefully stuff blackberries in each lychee; chill. Stir together reserved syrup, tart cherry juice, fresh orange juice, and liquor (if using) in a large pitcher; chill. Add stuffed lychees and chilled sparkling water to punch. Serve over ice. For food recipes, please visit Country Living.

Thanksgiving Fun Fall Activities

Thanksgiving is a holiday to bring a family together. Host a dinner and invite the families.

  1. Recruit department heads to help with the day of the event.
  2. Meet with the dietary manager about the menu and a serving station with chafing dishes to assist feeding in the activity room, private dining, and conference room.
  3. Send invitations to include the date, time, menu, and the number of guests each resident can have. The reason for including the menu is that when the family RSVPs, you need to know what each person at the table will be eating.
  4. Make a seating chart with table numbers, the name of the resident, and how many guests. All dietary heads, dietary, and nursing staff need a copy.
  5. On the day of the event, department heads help set up tables and chairs, add centerpieces to the tables. Place flatware, water, and beverage glass on tables. Every available person should have an assignment.
  6. The night of the event, a department head greets the guests as they arrive and has them seated at their table. The residents should already be seated.
  7. It’s time for the event. The dietary department will have their list of residents, diets, the number of family members, and their food choice. The same goes for the satellite kitchen.
  8. Dinner is served, the dessert carts with coffee will go to each table.

Sample Menu

Turkey/Ham, Potato Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Greenbean Casserole, Three Bean Salad, Sweet Potato Casserole, Macaroni and Cheese, Cranberry Salad, Dinner Rolls.

It may appear to be a lot of work, but this type of activity is well worth it. In spite of, someone being in a skilled or assisted living facility does not mean playing bingo every day.

Thanksgiving group or independent  fun fall activities

  1. Make a Thanksgiving Tree
  2. Construction paper turkeys
  3. Thanksgiving decoding (Pinterest)
  4. Word scramble (Pinterest)
  5. Finish My Phrase (Pinterest)


On the positive side, we leave Thanksgiving behind and look forward to Christmas, it is time to start decorating for the Christmas Holiday. Encourage the residents to be active in making or assisting in decorating. The highlight of decorating is the Christmas trees. Altogether, this is a perfect opportunity to bring the residents together in a group and talk about their Christmas memories. Dietary cooks can bake cookies and serve hot tea or coffee. Play Christmas music. This will help everyone get into the holiday spirit. Residents love to receive mail, especially Christmas cards. If you have residents who do not have a family, it is always nice to send them cards. You can also purchase Christmas cards for the residents to send to their loved ones.

Make calls to the local school, find out if they can come to visit the residents, sing, or perform a play before going on holiday break.