As the air turns crisp and leaves change colors, temperatures also drop. These fall activities for seniors provide plenty of things to do whether you live in our assisted living community or use home health care services. 

Get Ready for Halloween Trick-or-treaters

For those still living at home, you can prepare bagged treats to limit personal contact. Use fun treat bags with pumpkins, witches, black hats, and other holiday themes and fill them with wrapped candy. To include an older adult living at Wickshire Senior Living, bring the candy bags and a small inventory of candy to fill them. Then, do the project with your parent and other members of our community.

Take plenty of pictures of the little goblins and princesses that claim the goodies and bring them back for a second fun visit. Of course, those still living at home can directly participate in distributing the candy.

Put Together a Fall-themed Puzzle

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as putting together a puzzle featuring pumpkins, autumn leaves, and other seasonal imagery. So, warm up some hot cocoa or apple cider and clear your calendar to do this activity with your favorite people.

This is an excellent activity for those with limited mobility. If you can put together a large group of puzzle aficionados, you can even break up into teams and see which group completes the puzzle first. This safe activity can provide a sense of inclusion and lift their spirits for those recovering from surgery or a fall.

Fall Pumpkin Patch

Forget about pumpkin carving that can frustrate older adults with limited manual dexterity. Instead, have a pumpkin painting contest. You can involve other family members or community members, depending on where your older adult lives.

Taking apple and pumpkin pies to share with loved ones can generate satisfied smiles and full bellies. If your older adult is the baker in the family, schedule a family day so they can direct the pie preparation. You can also research other fall-themed crafts and activities and adapt them for the needs of your participants.

Indoor Gardening

The fall harvest brings tons of fresh produce, such as corn on the cob, pumpkins, squashes, and other delightful foods. Why not try your hand at indoor gardening?

Here are some ideas on how to engage in small-scale indoor gardening:

  • Paint a large ceramic pot and plant a succulent garden.
  • Create an herb garden to place on the windowsill for fresh seasoning.
  • Cultivate and nurture fall plants and flowers such as asters, chrysanthemums, and goldenrods.

Fall activities that involve plants can help older adults stay in touch with the outdoors, even if they have limited mobility.

Take in the Fresh Air and Scenery

Older adults can benefit from visits to local parks where they can watch the autumn leaves change color. If you have a loved one confined to bed rest, you can still open a window and describe the tremendous changes taking place outdoors.

For older adults living at home, strolling a block or two through the neighborhood or local park can provide a respite from staying inside. Relaxing in the backyard or community outdoor areas holds the same benefits.