A fall is a devastating injury to many older adults. It takes much longer to heal when you’re older. Additionally, you also may do more damage when falling due to weakened bones and less muscle mass. That’s why it is essential to work to build up your strength.

Why Is a Fall Prevention Program So Important?

Falls are high-risk events for many older people. Tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor can cause broken or shattered bones. It may even cause long-term disability and loss of mobility. That’s why a fall prevention program matters. It teaches you how to avoid unnecessary risks while also providing resources to strengthen your body to prevent the worst should a fall occur.

What Exercises Can Help in a Fall Prevention Program?

The only way to prevent the most significant damage from a fall is to have a body that can withstand it. Some of that comes from building strong bones through diet. However, exercising can help you build up muscles around your bones to make them stronger and capable of reacting, preventing falls. Some of the exercises best suited for those who are a bit older include the following:

  • Sit-to-stand exercises: These work to help build strength and core muscles. The goal is to stand up and sit down without using your hands to push off. Instead, lean the chest forward over the toes and shift body weight to encourage upward movement.
  • Balance exercises: Falls sometimes happen when a person losses his or her balance. This type of activity is simple to do but helps improve balance. Stand with feet apart at shoulder level. Then, take a step to the side, eyes open, and hold steady for 10 seconds. Then, standing next to a counter, hold one foot up, let go of the counter, and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat with the other foot.
  • March in place: Going slow at first and with a countertop nearby, work to march in place. Maintain good posture as you do so.

These exercises are an excellent way to start working on building more balance and stability. You may also learn how to strengthen your core muscles, legs, and arms to help support your movements.

Getting the Right Help with a Fall Prevention Program

Those at risk for falls due to other illnesses or injuries should consider the benefits of using assisted living services. Our team at Wickshire Senior Living offers a supportive environment where you have professionals available to help you. Having some help you when you’re getting in and out of bed or when using the restroom can minimize many of the risks you have.

Please take a closer look at our fall prevention program. It is designed to minimize fall risks by providing a safe environment. It also incorporates fall monitoring so that if someone should fall, help is available as soon as possible.