Thanksgiving is a beloved American holiday. Every November provides the perfect occasion for family gatherings and celebrations. Seniors in assisted living cherish the holiday just as much as anyone else. For this reason, it’s important to provide ample opportunities for family fun and recreation. 

The Importance of Arts and Crafts Programs for Seniors

You can enjoy arts and crafts at any age. However, among adults, arts and crafts for seniors may be particularly important. This is true for a couple of reasons. First, seniors need ways to stay vibrant and active.

Earlier in life, most adults spend large parts of their week working. The need to work provides a focus. However, seniors may no longer have a job to focus on. If that’s true for you, you need other ways to feel productive and fill your day. Participation in arts and crafts can help you meet both of these needs.

Arts and crafts also have a variety of other significant benefits for seniors. The long list of these benefits includes such things as:

  • Helping you stay mentally sharp
  • Getting you more involved in your community
  • Reducing your stress levels
  • Improving your sense of purpose

Involvement in arts and crafts can also help boost your sense of independence and personal agency.

Arts and Crafts Family Activities for Thanksgiving

Another great thing about arts and crafts is their appeal to people of all ages. This means that, on Thanksgiving, fun arts and crafts activities will likely be a family success. Examples of these kinds of activities include:

  • Making a Thanksgiving- or fall-themed wreath
  • Using leaves to make collages or similar kinds of artwork
  • Creating decorative holders for candlesticks
  • Making and hanging a Thanksgiving-themed banner

Crayon art is another possible option. You and your family can work together on a holiday-themed coloring project. You can also work on separate projects as you enjoy each other’s company.

Still another possibility is crafting a family tree out of paper or other materials. This kind of project can be more than just fun and exciting. It can also deepen the meaning of Thanksgiving by emphasizing your family connections. There are also many other projects you choose. Your only limit is the number of ideas you and your family can imagine.

Other Options for Family Thanksgiving Activities

Arts and crafts are not your only options for enjoyable family thanksgiving activities. Are there big movie and TV fans in your family? If so, you may be able to arrange a Thanksgiving-themed marathon.

Does anyone in your family like festive sweaters? If so, you could plan a Thanksgiving ugly sweater contest. You can also do the same for loud Thanksgiving socks. The broad range of other potential ideas includes tabletop games and holiday trivia contests. You can also take part in outdoor activities such as cornhole or a ring toss. The potential options are endless.

Participate in Family Activities for Thanksgiving at Wickshire Senior Living

Thanksgiving is an exciting time of year at Wickshire Senior Living. We invite you and your loved ones to participate and help us create a truly memorable occasion.