by Naomi Kowles | Channel 3000


Covid-19 cases, deaths on the decline in long term care facilities across Wisconsin.

Nancy Mueller, 91, took her time in the sun Friday afternoon when stepping outside for an interview. Hailing originally from New York but a transplant to Wisconsin when her husband’s job took her to the Oscar Mayer plant years ago. She’s relied on a strong sense of humor to get her through the last year of Covid-19.

Living at Wickshire Senior Living in Madison, the facility hasn’t had a Covid-19 case since late November. Our executive director Sira Nsibirwa said. Both he and Nancy attribute that to their hard-working staff who have made a lot of sacrifices to get their residents through the pandemic safely. Now, every single resident and all but one of the 21 staffers have gotten their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Residents will complete the two-dose regimen next week. They’ve already started implementing some small, cautious changes; soon, they’re hoping for something close to normal.

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Covid-19 Cases on the Decline in Long Term Care Facilities

Methods of reducing the risk of catching Covid-19 include

  • frequent hand washing
  • especially with warm water and soap
  • not touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • staying away from people who appear to be sick or that have been around someone sick

The virus that causes Covid-19 has a long incubation period. This means it takes between 5 and 7 days before symptoms appear; after being exposed to the virus – if they show up at all.

What are Some Causes?

Obviously, we can’t definitively say why cases of covid-19 have declined so quickly, but there are a few key factors that may be contributing to fewer outbreaks: 1) Better Vaccination: One area that healthcare experts agree has helped reduce covid-19 is better vaccination. Many long term care facilities now vaccinate against covid-19 during seasonal flu vaccinations and other vaccines. 2) Cleanliness & Resistant Bacteria: It’s possible that better hygiene and sanitization practices are helping prevent spread of infection. Additionally, health experts point out that some forms of bacteria are becoming resistant to certain treatments, making it more difficult for people with weakened immune systems to fight off infection.

How can you prevent them?

Simple precautions minimize the risk of Covid-19. When health care workers come into contact with a person who has Covid-19 or symptoms. Immediately follow proper procedures. Mainly by washing hands after handling any bodily fluids. Proper infection control measures enforced to each facility.

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