Staying active is a big part of staying healthy at any age. When a person gets older, that becomes harder to do. An extended hospital stay or injury can make it even more difficult to remain as active and mobile as you would like to be. That’s where the benefits of physical therapy can help you. This type of professional therapy service enables you to get moving again in a safe manner. 

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Each person’s needs are unique when it comes to physical therapy. You may be recovering or working to prevent the onset of health problems. By working closely with a professional, you’ll gain many benefits from this type of assisted living service.

Reduction of Pain

For those who have a previous injury or mobility limitation, physical therapy can offer outstanding support for pain reduction. That’s because restoring the proper function of muscles and joints minimizes the amount of pain and inflammation present.

Improved Mobility

Getting around can be a lot easier when you have a physical therapy plan in place. Your body re-learns out to function correctly, no matter your age or current condition. Any improvement in mobility can be beneficial to maintaining independence.

Reduced Risk of Blood Clots

A person that’s immobile or dealing with pain isn’t likely to get up and move around as often as they should. That increases the risk of blood clots, including dangerous ones that can cause a stroke.

Support Recovery from Injury

Physical therapy helps people to heal from surgery or injuries by getting those areas of the body active again. As a result, it may prevent further injuries and complications a person may have.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

For older adults, falls are a big risk, especially if a person isn’t conditioned properly. With physical therapy, this can improve significantly, ensuring stronger muscles are present to support the body’s movements.

Improve Heart and Lung Function

Movement supports the proper function of both the heart of lungs. When a person engages in physical therapy, they gain better function of these organs through aerobic exercise.

Reduce the Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

From type 2 diabetes to obesity-related health complications, a sedentary lifestyle is often a shorter one. Physical therapy can help a person get more active to avoid these complications.