Meditation can improve wellness for seniors. In fact, some studies show that meditation for older adults can have anti-aging effects.

What Are the Five Dimensions of Wellness?

The five dimensions of wellness include the following:

  • Physical wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Intellectual wellness

Meditation has a positive effect on them all.

The Anti-Aging Impact of Meditation

As you grow older, stress can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Therefore, it’s important to learn healthy ways to alleviate it. So, how does this impact the aging process?

Telomeres, structures at the end of chromosomes, play an essential role in the aging process. The structures control how your cells respond to stress based on cell divisions. Stress causes telomeres to shorten, increases DNA damage, and accelerates the aging process. Conversely, when you meditate, telomere length increases, which may slow the aging process. Intensive meditation may increase levels of telomerase, which lengthens telomeres and slows the aging process.

Fifteen minutes of daily meditation can increase telomerase production. If that seems out of range for your attention span, try repeating a short prayer or chant to focus your attention on something meaningful and stress-free.

Easy Meditation for Older Adults

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to meditation practice. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Focus on breathing. As your breath slows down, so does your mind.
  • Sit on a chair with your back straight and shoulders relaxed.
  • You can meditate with your eyes open or closed.
  • Try to clear your mind and focus on a blank wall or hold a calming image in your mind.

There are many guided meditation courses available online. However, the simple act of sitting with intention can significantly ease your mind and body.

What Are Other Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation doesn’t cost any money and requires very little time. However, it brings with it positive physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. It may also improve your sleep routine and lower your blood pressure. For these reasons, it benefits all five dimensions of wellness.

Other benefits of meditation include the following:

  • Less anxiety-When you meditate regularly, it alleviates fears, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
  • Less depression-Reduce the frequency and severity of depressive episodes.
  • Improved memory-Meditation improves your focus and may even combat age-related dementia.
  • Increased attention-If you want to improve your attention span, meditation can help.

Additionally, meditation for older adults can contribute to a happier, longer life.

Get Care for Older Adults at Wickshire Senior Living

Meditation for older adults brings peace of mind and has anti-aging benefits. At Wickshire Senior Living, you or your loved one can find many programs designed to give clients the best care possible.