For most people, there is a need to get some level of support and care as they get older. The question is, what type of care is right for you? Home health care is one of the options many consider because it allows them to remain in their home longer. It’s a good idea to compare assisted living vs. home care to determine which is a better fit right now in your life. 

Assisted Living vs. Home Care Decisions

There is a point when some people may not be able to live at home on their own. In this situation, it’s time to consider more advanced care. Other times, a person may just need some support and guidance. Consider the differences in the options you choose.

Home care involves one or more people coming to your home to provide the services you need. Most often, these are services to help support your home, such as cleaning and light meals. However, there are also services to help you meet your personal health needs, such as showering and dressing. Home health care does not involve the use of nurses and full-time support unless those are additional resident services you need. The key here is that home health care can be expensive for those who need around-the-clock care.

However, assisted living provides:

  •  A safe place for you to live long term
  • As much privacy as you need and want, and help with the services right for you
  • Treatment that can advance to provide more advanced care for memory needs
  • Support for housekeeping and full meal service
  • 24-hour emergency help if you need it
  • Medication management services
  • Support for socialization and supportive services

The biggest key here is that care is constantly available to you in an assisted living community if you need it. More so, you’ll be living in a community with other people who share the same background and interests as you, which makes it possible to socialize a bit easier. As you consider your options, think about the quality of your life and the overall health care support you need.

Don’t make this decision on your own. Let family and friends share their opinions. Your doctor may also share their opinion on the level of care that’s right for your needs. Take the time to get to know your assisted living options.