Older adults can remain active, even in a pandemic. Going outdoors and spending time with friends is an excellent way to keep yourself happy and healthy. It’s good for most people, both physically and mentally. The key is to engage as frequently as you can in a variety of ways. Group outings could be one of the best solutions for you. 

Why Is an Active Lifestyle So Important?

It’s easy to stay home and watch TV or talk to friends over the phone. Yet, getting out and doing something interesting is even more critical to your health. It creates socialization opportunities, physical exercise, and learning opportunities. It encourages you to add value and interest to your life. It also keeps you active. A person that’s walking and engaging in life around them is far more active, which means they are working to maintain their health long term.

Examples of Group Outings for Adults

Sometimes it can be hard to find things to do, and that may limit your ability to engage in group outings. Consider a few basic ideas and how they may work for your particular situation:

  1. Parks: It’s the simplest of outings, but it is one of the best. Enjoying a trip, for example, to Westwood Park allows you to get in some sun, see nature, and engage in activities with others.
  2. Shopping: There are plenty of reasons to get out to the mall or local shopping center to purchase items. However, this is also an excellent way to socialize. Grab a coffee with a friend. Sit and watch people pass by and learn more about culture while you do so.
  3. Visit a museum: This is another type of group outing that allows you to enjoy all of the history, art, and culture available locally. Some programs nearby include Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
  4. Enjoy the waterfront: With Lake Thunderbird State Park nearby, it’s possible to do a bit of fishing with friends. You can sit on the waterfront and watch the sunset, too. Being out in nature or on a boat can provide an invigorating experience.
  5. Visit the casino: Depending on your goals and interests, you may want to visit one of the local casinos in the area. You may not win anything, but you may have some fun with friends while you are there.

Which of these group outings sounds like a good option for you? If you are not sure about some of these experiences, consider others things you used to do that you haven’t in a while. With proper precautions, you may be able to engage more fully in life than you realize.

Stay Active with Wickshire Senior Living

An active lifestyle is always essential to your overall well-being. That’s why we offer many activities and experiences right here within our assisted living communities. You can enjoy all of them. Learn more about our assisted living programs, such as arts and crafts and recreational programs, when you learn more about our locations. Find one near you.